Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scrappy T-Shirt key chain

Another easy cute craft project, when cutting of the sleeves from T-shirts, keep them for a cute easy craft, my son cuts his t-shirt sleeves of to make a tank top for wearing at basketball practice, and while doing so, I had to come up with and a reason for him to not throw them away, so grabbing them up, I decided to make this cute key chain using pieces of the shirt sleeve,and some pony beads, and of course a key chain clasp. and here is what I got, if you can make friendship bracelets, then you can make this. materials are shown above. strips of shirt after cut are about 1/2 inch, you can make them 1 inch or more. stretch and thread your beads on.tie off at ends and your ready to go.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Fun Photo

Out and about, as usual me and my daughter take a trip the the halloween store as we d every year, of course several times, lol but as we go inside some stores do not decorate the outside of their store, but this one did and this is what we see, it's really cute and if I had a yard I would definately get one and put in my yard for everyone to see, but I guess this is better than nothing. Enjoy!! more to come soon:) Bottom one is of my 16 yr old with a skelly friend at one of the hotels. really fun and cute!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pencil Box Upgrade

Kid love having these cute pencil boxes, but if you look at them, they are just so very plain, and if your a crafter you of course get idea's of how to make it more fancy and out comes stickers,paints and more, me and my daughter decided to do one for me to keep my glue sticks in and to keep it mine and make sure my other kids don't run off with it we decided to initial it and add a cute butterfly sticker, and this is the finished product.
you can decorate these anyway you like, puffy paint,stickers,acrylic paint and more, try adding ribbon maybe some cute mini florals. do one for the holidays, make for gifts, or make one for Teacher Appreciation day, anyway you make it, it will be a great gift for someone special.  lots of people ae decorating these cute boxes. gott love crafty people!!!!
 Happy Crafting!!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Crepe Paper Ribbons

After seeing so many things that are out there that  are for the pink ribbon's for breast cancer, I have a roll of pink crepe paper streamer roll, and after sitting here and trying to figure out what to do with it or what I could use it for besides storing it away and re-using it again for something exciting, I thought why not make ribbons, after seeing my oldest son walk in and being excited because he bought a pack of pink tic tacs from the store, I thought why not do some cute ribbons. and well here they are, with a small pin back you can use for a shirt pin, or put them into a scrapbook for decoration or safe keeping or decorate a card or envelope, you can use these for many things in crafting. try making others in different colors. I will be making yellow,red,black,green,white,purple white and more. so grab some rolls and get to making a few.
                                                    (Do not copy picture without permission)
Measurements depend on your desired length and width. Ends can also be trimed anyway you like, use decorated scissors for a fancy look. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Painted Roses

I love this painted rose decor, this was made by my mom(R.I.P) who loved roses as I do. she was always making and drawing them on her t-shirts,white sneakers,paper and other things, like her bedroom wall. I gave her this book that had a pattern inside it to draw these roses and transfer them to whatever you like, in this case it was this medium plastic board, she drew the roses with a black sharpie marker, and she pinted in the roses with red paint(acrylic) and once dried, she would use this as her clipboard when she would write out her grocery list, she had made smaller ones but had given them to a friend of hers who lived around the corner of her apartment. she even made ones for coasters, my dad would cut them the size she wanted and she drew the roses on them as well. After her paaing away I kept this because t was something of hers she made with her hands and it was very important to me. so it now hangs in my kitchen window and every now and then I take it down to use as my clipboard when I can't find something hard to write on. I hope you enjoy this. This can also be painted with puffy paint, as this had some of that on it to keep the roses from fading away when washed.
                                                                          In Memory of my Mother
                                                                             L.Dotson Oct 6, 2008

Halloween Wooden Pic Frame

It's that time again! yes Halloween is just around the corner and what  acute way for kids to start this fun spoky night off than sit and paint a cute mini wooden pic frame, all you need is the wooden pic frame itself, I got this one from a pack of 3 at Michaels craft store, they come with the small wooden dowel stand that goes in the hole in the back of the frame, you will also need some orange acrylic or orange tempera paint(non toxic) paint brush and some cute fun fom stickers of halloween ghosts,cats, bats,and pumpkins, you can add either or of the stickers you choose. once painted peel your stickers backing off and stick to your frame. I added a little bit of Aleene's tacky glue(in gold bottle) to give it a more secure stick. once your done you can give as a gift or put around yourhome and write ghostly sayings on the little picture sheet inside or add some of your own pictures. either way these are fun and very cute to make on halloween! Enjoy and Happy crafting.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paperclip Buddies

ok, well here's somethng I had to find in our craft goodies, these were actually made in our girlscout swaps, they're called paperclip buddies, I seen a post on a paperclip craft that I use to use a few years ago, and remembered we had these, so I thought I would share with you all on using those paperclips that are not being used for holding papers together, they are really easy and fast to put together,  so get your paper clips out and craft some fun buddies!! the decorated clips would really be cute. Enjoy!
use different colored wiggly eyes for a more fun look:) Have fun crafting with things around your home. these are made with the fun yarn(multicolored) add your (aleene's) tacky glue in gold bottle after you have added your fun yarn for hair.using the loopand pull ends through yarn you do the same on the end of paperclips. try something new and make a cute paperclip buddy necklace by adding a jump ring and run some yarn or leather strip  and you hane a cute necklace:)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Gift Tags

Well as my usual crafting fun time, I took a class and decided to learn some new ways of recycling idea's, maybe there was something out there I didn't know or haveen't done, and well it was something I haven't seen or done, and we made these cute tags from toilet paper tubes, yes that's right, toilet paper tubes, once emptied, not only can you turn these into scrapbooks and mementoes with pictures and notes, but give these to friends and family, add to gift  bags or just share with friends. I found a great site to give you a good tutorials on these. wish I had found these before the but it was fun. and not expensive only $5.00 plus $3.00 for pictures, but I  had fun!! anyways here is what I made, grab those tubes and get to crafting making these tubes. I started using paper towels tubes as well, little smaller but just the same. all you need is some scrapbook paper and or wrapping paper and glue sticks or glue dots/runner , paper cutter and your ready to get started, don't for get your hole puncher and or crop-a-dile for making holes or add your grommets as well for sturdier holding when adding binder rings. have fun!!!
The materials needed for this are in photo below.

Toilet paper tube, ironed flat,(avery) glue stick, your choice of scrapbook papers orgift wrapping paper, ribbon, a garment tag, or you can make your own, a hole punch and scissors.

Quick Trash Bag

Looking for something that is portable to take along with you for a trash bin or trash place to trash your scraps for whatever craft you do, look no further, I had this problem and finally found this idea of taking a paper bag and rolling down the top and tossing in your scraps from crafting, or scrapbooking, or maybe put a few in the car for the kids in the car. once full toss and your done. easy fast and quick, let kids decorate for fun. I use them for scrapbooking and or when i'm making my charms, like sharpening my colored pencils shavings.  they fit great in the car or under your car seat. just an idea for those fas quick trash holder idea's.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kids Night Out

On the weekends, I love to take the kids out to look at the hotels and maybe go in a few and let them play the arcades and enjoy some time with mom(me). and on this night we decided to walk down the strip someways and thenback up, and on our way back up to the car, we ran into some nice statue's and they wanted to take a pic each of a place they choose. so this is a few pictures we took, one of my youngest son with this neat statue, darth vader and a friend, and of course vegas pic of the new york new york.. we had a good time and continued down the ways and just took pic of whatever. Enjoy!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friendship Books (FB's)

I recently learned what a friendship book is known as (fb's), something that is really small and very cute to make. I have made these little books for my daughter but not knowing that they were called friendship books. she used them for adding her stickers and important numbers of friends in. and we even used notebooks for making friendship booklets. but what I like of these little books are that they are sent to someone who wants them adds their info and then sent on again with other peoples' info  and sooner or later they come back to you. they are very cute and so much fun to make. if your a scrapbooker you will love these cute things. Here's several I have made, working on a few more to send some friends and can't wait to get them going and done. they only need a few sheets inside, mine have different colored sheets of writing paper cut down to size to fit inside the cover. stapled at the top and decorated. Mine have 4-6 sometimes 8 sheets inside. cute and a great gift to make and give to those important friends, who like to swap for them.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fun out on the town

Well today  was one of those hot days, but staying inside just doesn't cut it when you have kids who are constantly bored, so I decided to take 2 of my kids out and about to do some walking around the town. well around some of the neat places that they haven't seen before, and well of course lots of walking you just don't know what you will run into, and while at one of the hotels, we came upon a habitat where they keep 2 of the 70 something lions. and they had 2 of them out and we took some neat pic's, this one is 2 of the lions sleeping, and it's hard to see that there is a guy right up there with them. just hanging out and about with them as if he is one of them. and the other pic is underneath one of the lions, we took this pic to show how big and to be directly under them. I'm sure glad there was glas in between us. hope you enjoy!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Feather Pen

Hello, Here's is another quick project to do in minutes, we all have pens laying around our homes. some have the tops and some don't, well alot of ours have been cracked due to someone standing or stepping on them, or sitting something heavy on the pen, and well alot of these are some pens that have been bought at the 99cent stores. alot of them my kids tke apart and we don't throw away anything if we can re-use or remake it with something else. and this is something we made with my daughters beads and a pack of feathers we had from another project. you will need some hot glue or any plastic/metal glue you can find at michaels or wal-mart.   and ofcourse a pen with the outside taken off, add your beads down the pen section as many as needed, I think we used 10 or 12 beads. have to count for sure. add them on, in any color you like, add alittle glue to every other bead to make sure it stays, once your at the end, add your feathers and sit aside to dry. and this is what you will end up with. Enjoy!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Well for father's day this is one unusual thing to give to dad. A race! well  my son who just turned 16 decided to make a comment to his father about racing, yes a running  as you can imagine a 16 yr old and a 40 something yr old who use to run in his high school days decides to really take this challenge serious, and on the day of father's day we head out to my son's school, where the family members have gathered requested by my my son's father, not only is there family members, but a few family friends as well, cousins of course me and my son's girlfriend. as you can imagine what is going through these 2 individuals minds, who was going to win this race? well I guess my son knew he was going to win this race hands down, so we all stand and watch as these 2 warm up and well needless to say one warmed up really well and the other kinda warmed up by doing some and when time came these 2 get to their  marks and you hear a family member yell"GO!!! and all I see is my 15 yr old out run his father by what it looks like nothing but big fast steps as dear old dad tries his hardes to run and pass his young 16 yr old son thinking he can run and win, but then you see nothing but a fast fly by 16 yr old and a 40 yr old slow down and the young man(16) out run his we all just laughed. it was funny and this sure will be a good day to remember till the next time they decide to do this again. just another fun exciting off the wall thing to

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Taking a Break

Well as I sit here today in my nice cool home, I decide to take a little break from crafting, as I look around and see tings that need to be put away and all the stuff that has gone unoticed due to my crafting habit, I think"Wow" need to get these put away or get rid of and keep it put up. kids just don't seem to have time to help when it is needed. so I do this when tey are out and about. so will sit here and think of where this goes where that goes and if I really need this or that, I'm not sue how much will get done, but sure needs to be something that gets started on and today!! lol I guess it's being home with the kids and mostly alone at night, when they go to sleep, it's whenI get lonely and bored and need to feel like I'm making something useful as making a craft or starting a project. so will try to keep myself busy and go trough all this unused craft stuff and find new homes for it all. everything down to unused craft buttons. so as I type this I'm already knowing what and where I will get started. in my daughter's room where most of this crafty stuff is. she loves to craft too, so this is going to be something kind of hard to do. maybe I will give her a box to keep some of the craft items she likes and she can craft when she wants. so off I go and get some usefull work done. I will post some of my things as I go through before saying goodbye, and if you see something maybe youwouldlike to have or want, please feel free to email me anytime. it will be put into bags and collected until bag is full and will go out during this weekend. so you have time to check it out and give me a yell if you see anything you just have your heart set on having!!!! hopefully I will get back into crafting once I ave actually made room for other things and new so see you around and watch for the goodies to pop up, once they are gone and spoken for they will be removed and on it's journey. Thanks so much for checking my crafty creations out and I don't mind parting with anything you see on here. just let me know and I can either send it to you if I still have it or remake another one for you.
                                                                                         Have a wonderful Day!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Capri Sun Scrapbook

As you know i have the love for crafting, whenever and wherever I can, and as I sit around this early morning, I'm looking at my box of capri sun pouches that I have collected over the last 2 yes I have that many. I have made many coin holders and bookmarks with these pouches and as I'm looking at them and trying to figure out what else can be used for the things. it hits me and I go nuts, I get my paper,gluestick,tape,scissors crop a dile, and go to town creating a cute memory scrapbook that will definately be the talk of your friends. I did some research and couldn't find anything so I went with this on my own idea and this is what it looks like, I will be embellishing it more and will post the finished product. but for now here it is with 5 pages and 4 small pockets with tags, as you can see them sticking out on the side. you can use the 5 pages front and back if you have more photos to put inside.  I cut my papers to fit the cardstock that I cut down to match the size of the drink pouch and added them into the drink pouch. you will need 2 of the same or different pouches if you like, use your crop a dile to hole punch the ends. I put all my paper inside and punched it all together. add the brads, added the ribbon, will be adding more later, and decorated the small pouches and added some cute tags. I will be embellishig it more, and post it as it comes to it's complete look, but for now to show you all what it looks like, Here is a pic of it and I hope you save those drink pouches and share your pics with me on what yours looks like. Enjoy!!!!
Please do not copy or repost without my permission, please give credit where credit is due. Thank You

Recipe Keeper

I love to work with paper, and if there's a pretty paper pattern out there and I see it, I go ahead and get it, you can never have to many paper, especially if it's a beautiful flower, flying bird, or even a tall light house, I have to have it in my stash. so of course as usual, I go through my papers and see this nice , this is actual wrapping paper that I had left on a roll, and along with some cute purple shell ribbon edging, I had to add it to this book I'm working on, and it was finished last night. I love to make junk journals as well as make small altered books as well, for my daughter, so this is what it is and how it came out. hope you enjoy and if you have any questions please let me know.
Down below are some junk journals I made, a good size for me and the mini one for my daugher. these are just the composition books covered in scrapbook paper, the small one is a small composition book. you can find these at wal-mart or the 99cent store. which is where this one come from.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I join alot of swaps and swap groups, trading creating gifts that are exchanged with one person and you recieve something in return. it's a fun way to make new friends and see all the creative people out there I have been doing these for many years now, my daughter even has done some. she loves to be creative. she too makes ATC's to swap.  I have 3 boys who love to draw and draw very well. so being a MJ fan I had one of my boys draw this for me, he drew it small enough for me to put it on an ATC card. and this is what it looks like, I added the blue trimming around it with some blue stamp ink just using my finger to lightly overtouching the edge and then used gold metalic paint pen to make dots in the corner sections and slide my finger outwards to create the look of lights. and this is how it turned out. This is 1 of 2, the other one was given to a friend whom is close to the Jackson Family. She loved it!!!
Please Do not copy,repost,or link to this. these were made specially for myself and for the my sons teacher who is friend of the Jackson family.Thank You.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Scrapbook Crafting

Well here is another Thursday, except this thursday it's the kids last day of school!!! they are excited of andme? well trying to figure outwhat to plan to keep them busy before they drive me up the wall. lol but to calm mymind and give me somepeace, as usual I sit down and creat another scrapbook,  just one of my paperbag scrapbooks that is, but thistime I got it done and took a picture of it and wanted to share before I sent it off for a swap I'm doing. 
     So this paperbag swap  is made from 3 bags(brown) you can get them in any color, which makes it more fun to be creative, maybe a red,white andblue for 4th of july, orange and blk for  halloween. so many idea's to go with, but this is a simple easy brown paper bag. 3 bags put together, each bag is the opposite of eachother, because of the openings.  this is where you will put your extra goodies, like stickers, tags and more if you like. I used my crop a dile to punch the folded ends of the bag to run my ribbon and some neat funky yarn to make it decorative and cute. each page I used plain cardstock and decorated with stickers, flowers and cute ribbon to embellish it even further.   any paper will do and these are so fast to do and cute.  I enjoyed making this and hope you enjoy it too!



Monday, May 23, 2011

Daily Crafting Fun

Another monday comes by and as I sit and go through my cleaning time. I need some tin foil to wrap up some food and putaway in the fridge. as usual I'm looking at my crafting stuff and see my glue gun, a bag f small white daisies and a few pieces of scrap material that can be cut into small pieces. and as I'm cleaning and outting things away I decide to stop for a few minutes and do some crafting, you always can take a break when your cleaning up the so of course I get on it and start creating this cute letter from my tin foil(wrapped to create the letter L),the scrap pice of fabric( wrapped around the tin foil letter) and the white daisies and of course put it together with my glue gun. and this is what I have now for a cute letter wall hanging.  there's always something you have around your house to create a little craft item with. stop look and think, this is where I get my creative kids think I'm crazy, but if it keeps a few things out of the trash and is usuable, then why not.  Hope you Enjoy.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

CD Gift Tag

Well it's another nice warm day here in Nev, as my kids are in school, I as usual sit and look at my useful recyclable items that I have saved here and there, and this crafting of a gift tag from a cd, I enjoy crafting with cd's alot, many useful things can come from crafting withthese shiny round objects. I use to make these for gift bags a few years ago and lot my tool I use to cut them ut with, and last night while rummaging through all my things I found it, so here is another one of my gift tags crafted and made from a cd. hope you like it an if you need more info on how to do this tag, please feel free to email me or leave me a message. .Thanks for looking.
Please do not copy this without my permission,if you repost instructions, please give credit where credit is due. Thank You.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Paper Flower Magnets

My typical sunday of course is to sit and craft with my daughter, and while out and about we seen these cute adorable paper flowers at michaels craft stores. we have seen them before and have actually bought some. but used them in scrapbooking, but today we have decided to make some cute magnets with scrapbook paper and paper flowers and a laminating machine.  There is nothing like sundays, peaceful,quiet time to sit chit chat and just crft your heart away. so we share this craft with you and hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mini Dog Bone's

Another  cute creation is these cute adorable shirt pins, and yes they are mini dog  and these are great for those dog lovers in your life(as gifts only)  in order to make it safe you can use non toxic tempera paint, this is a safe paint. if you use acrylic paint, you need to make sure no dogs or animals will be able to get ahold of these. 
     All you need is some mini dog bones, or whatever size you prefer, and paint them a few coats, these were given 4 coats and let dryed for 2 hrs to make sure they dried completely, once dried, you add a ribbon bow already made or you can make them yourself.  add a pin size glue spot and adhere your ribbon to front. and this is what you will get. you can make any dog bone into ornaments for your tree, or glue onto frames, either way you use them plain or painted, will make a cute gift. you can also make mini bones from sculpey clay.

                                        (Not Intended For Animal Consumption If Painted)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Drink Pouch Coin Holders

When you have kids who drink from these capri sun drinks, or kool-aid jammers then you should have lots of these around, if  not then grab some and get to saving, and you can make these coin holders for your kids to keep their money in. I've been making these off and on all year long, given some away, used some for raffles(gifts) as well as for my daughters girl scout troop, they love them. they still come to me and ask if I can remake them for their friends. so I do. I love to use them for myself. I always get compliments on them and get lots of questions. so here are my coin pouch money holders, in both patterns. plain and regular print. Enjoy and if you have questions please feel free to ask. I have used stickers(fun foam) to decorate them up more.magnets and or velcro to keep them closed.

New Orleans Vacation

I'm back from vacation! 1 week of friends and family and just enjoying eachothers company was great. spent 1 day in New Orleans with some friends who live there and things we saw were really neat. loved it. bourbon street and all the beads on the banisters and all the friendly people was just amazing. always people out and about. loved it. here are a few pics we took while there and before heading to our cruise ship. hope you enjoy and will get more posted of our adventure as I get them developed. but if you haven't vacationed to N.O you should make it your stop at least a day or 2. you will love it as well.

We also had to stop and enjoy some Beignets our 1st morning there, really yummy! will post the recipe soon for those who want it.  more pic coming soon. Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy my pictures of our vacation.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hair Bows

Once again I'm sitting here looking at things and how to recreate something from recycled stuff, and as I have used dryer sheets for other things like crafting with it, here is another one to add to the list, not only do they make your shoes smell good, or make odors dissapear in bags and purses, or in the sock drawers, they make cute crafts as well here is my hair bow made from 1 sheet, folded and cut the ends and wrap a piece of scrap material in the middle, add your hair pin backing of your choice and here is what you will get, add a cute heart bow and voila your bow is complete. many ways of creating these for your outfits.

fast and easy to create. and something you already have around the house.  I make bows from duct tape as well and will get that one posted soon. more crafts coming soon.Enjoy!
Do not copy without permission. If you share these instructions, please give credit where it is due.Thank You

Thursday, April 7, 2011


In my spare time when kids are at school or at night when they sleep, i like going outside and spend time with our dogs(chow chows) I love watching them run and play with eachother, and just act like kids theirselves. nothing puts a smile on my face than just sitting back and watching them play, I enjoy loving on them and petting them, suvh furry babies they are. they are always glad to see you and want to give furry kisses, so I thought I would share some of my furry babies with you here, I hope you enjoy and these are just a few of them. most of our dogs are show dogs and go to shows on the weekends. and made cahampions by the age of 1 which is remarkble, theyare all very layed back and very tamed as they have to be, not only because of us having kids around but because of them being in dog shows. gotta love them! top pic is mom and daughter, daughter is the cream chow red is mommy, and on bottom is puppy from another litter we had,  Enjoy!!

Pool Noodle Fun

Well another day out and about and of course on my usual outing , I decided I needed something from my favorite store, the 99cent store of you can never go wrong when shopping there, you can always find something to be crafty with, or maybe your looking to decorate your home in a cheap but descent way.  or maybe you just want to find some goodies to enjoy a picnic with the kids at the park,and if you have kids like I do that always want to either buy something, or get crafty or just spend time together, then this will do it for you, I found this cute pool noodle toy at the 99 cent store and well as I'm walking around I get these idea's of craty something with it, so I buy it and this is what I made from cutting the end off of the pool  noodle, you can give itas a mothers day gift, give it to a teacher for appreciation day, or keep for yourself. but we like to make and give, so this will be going to a teacher. so don't pass those pool noodle toys up, get creating and have fun being creative!!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mini Easter Basket

It's about that time to get the kids excited about the easter bunny coming again. so who wouldn't resist these cute little mini easter baskets, of course used from things I have around the home. empty(shampoo,body wash) bottles cleaned out really well and left over materials like chenille pipe cleaners and bits of ribbon,flowers,yarn and tacky glue(aleene's tacky glue in gold bottle). this is what we made. great gifts as well if you make several for friends and family, fill with little goodies, candy or even pretty flowers. makes a great welcome gift for anyone moving into a home, add your florals, or maybe some chocolate sticks and give! these are fast and fun to do, so if your looking for a quick gift or craft to make with kids, this will do for them and watch how they are willing to find things to put inside. try cottonballs and make a bunny or yellow pompoms to make a cute chick for easter. any way you make these, they will be a great hit for any holidays or special occasion. Enjoy and Happy Crafting!
Please do not copy pic without my permision, please give credit where it's due. Thank You!

Atlas map wallets

Kids enjoy these wallets, easy fast and fun to make and create, you can use magazine pages, use up those old maps and atlas's, or even use a kids coloring page. laminate if you like, more durable and last longer, add some stickers, beads to enhance it. and you get a fun friendly wallet. I was introduced this craft by a family friend, and she told me to do a google search on them because I just couldn't understand how she made them. and after seeing different difficult ways to make them, the more she taught me this,the more I got the hang of it, and  now my kids have several and make them and give them to their friends. they even make great ATC holders.they hold 4 in each pocket.
this is our latest for our travel trip were planning on going soon. they  have even traded other wallets made from other materials as well. but youhave to love the wallets made from any kind of paper. even scrapbook paper.You can find instructions for these and other wallets on Youtube, different people give nice instructions on how to make these. Have fun!!!!!!

Doggie Toy

Home made dog toy used from scraps of blanket fleece. use a dog bone pattern or make your own pattern. you can find one online9 I found one and enlarged it) you can also use a cookie cutter , place your template onto a cute animal print fabric/fleece trace and cut out and put together by hand sewing edges or use a sewing machine. turn inside out and stuff and seal your toy up and your done. this is what the end result. easy fast and fun to do in a few seconds.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Parfait cup flower starter

One easy way to start your planting and an easy cheap way is to use parfait cups with lids, cleaned out really well. this is one I did in a few minutes for my daughter. she loves to plant flowers outside, so I decided to give her a little starter cup to start her own in the house. I love McDonald's parfait's and this is what I used the cup for.

fill cup with soil, add your seeds, add scrapbook ribbon wrapping to outside, use a cordinatingflower petal for the cent and glue on. use the cup lid for your flower starter base. use these for home decor, give as gifts. easy and fun. and it's recycled things you might already have around your home.