Saturday, June 11, 2011


I join alot of swaps and swap groups, trading creating gifts that are exchanged with one person and you recieve something in return. it's a fun way to make new friends and see all the creative people out there I have been doing these for many years now, my daughter even has done some. she loves to be creative. she too makes ATC's to swap.  I have 3 boys who love to draw and draw very well. so being a MJ fan I had one of my boys draw this for me, he drew it small enough for me to put it on an ATC card. and this is what it looks like, I added the blue trimming around it with some blue stamp ink just using my finger to lightly overtouching the edge and then used gold metalic paint pen to make dots in the corner sections and slide my finger outwards to create the look of lights. and this is how it turned out. This is 1 of 2, the other one was given to a friend whom is close to the Jackson Family. She loved it!!!
Please Do not copy,repost,or link to this. these were made specially for myself and for the my sons teacher who is friend of the Jackson family.Thank You.

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