Thursday, June 16, 2011

Taking a Break

Well as I sit here today in my nice cool home, I decide to take a little break from crafting, as I look around and see tings that need to be put away and all the stuff that has gone unoticed due to my crafting habit, I think"Wow" need to get these put away or get rid of and keep it put up. kids just don't seem to have time to help when it is needed. so I do this when tey are out and about. so will sit here and think of where this goes where that goes and if I really need this or that, I'm not sue how much will get done, but sure needs to be something that gets started on and today!! lol I guess it's being home with the kids and mostly alone at night, when they go to sleep, it's whenI get lonely and bored and need to feel like I'm making something useful as making a craft or starting a project. so will try to keep myself busy and go trough all this unused craft stuff and find new homes for it all. everything down to unused craft buttons. so as I type this I'm already knowing what and where I will get started. in my daughter's room where most of this crafty stuff is. she loves to craft too, so this is going to be something kind of hard to do. maybe I will give her a box to keep some of the craft items she likes and she can craft when she wants. so off I go and get some usefull work done. I will post some of my things as I go through before saying goodbye, and if you see something maybe youwouldlike to have or want, please feel free to email me anytime. it will be put into bags and collected until bag is full and will go out during this weekend. so you have time to check it out and give me a yell if you see anything you just have your heart set on having!!!! hopefully I will get back into crafting once I ave actually made room for other things and new so see you around and watch for the goodies to pop up, once they are gone and spoken for they will be removed and on it's journey. Thanks so much for checking my crafty creations out and I don't mind parting with anything you see on here. just let me know and I can either send it to you if I still have it or remake another one for you.
                                                                                         Have a wonderful Day!!!

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