Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Well for father's day this is one unusual thing to give to dad. A race! well  my son who just turned 16 decided to make a comment to his father about racing, yes a running  as you can imagine a 16 yr old and a 40 something yr old who use to run in his high school days decides to really take this challenge serious, and on the day of father's day we head out to my son's school, where the family members have gathered requested by my my son's father, not only is there family members, but a few family friends as well, cousins of course me and my son's girlfriend. as you can imagine what is going through these 2 individuals minds, who was going to win this race? well I guess my son knew he was going to win this race hands down, so we all stand and watch as these 2 warm up and well needless to say one warmed up really well and the other kinda warmed up by doing some and when time came these 2 get to their  marks and you hear a family member yell"GO!!! and all I see is my 15 yr old out run his father by what it looks like nothing but big fast steps as dear old dad tries his hardes to run and pass his young 16 yr old son thinking he can run and win, but then you see nothing but a fast fly by 16 yr old and a 40 yr old slow down and the young man(16) out run his we all just laughed. it was funny and this sure will be a good day to remember till the next time they decide to do this again. just another fun exciting off the wall thing to

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