Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Feather Pen

Hello, Here's is another quick project to do in minutes, we all have pens laying around our homes. some have the tops and some don't, well alot of ours have been cracked due to someone standing or stepping on them, or sitting something heavy on the pen, and well alot of these are some pens that have been bought at the 99cent stores. alot of them my kids tke apart and we don't throw away anything if we can re-use or remake it with something else. and this is something we made with my daughters beads and a pack of feathers we had from another project. you will need some hot glue or any plastic/metal glue you can find at michaels or wal-mart.   and ofcourse a pen with the outside taken off, add your beads down the pen section as many as needed, I think we used 10 or 12 beads. have to count for sure. add them on, in any color you like, add alittle glue to every other bead to make sure it stays, once your at the end, add your feathers and sit aside to dry. and this is what you will end up with. Enjoy!!!

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