Friday, January 15, 2010

Drink Pouch Book Mark

If your a mom and your drinks drink any of the capri sun drinks, or kool-aid drinks, keeps the pouches and turn them into cute bookmarks, great for readers everwhere. we love to make these monthly, you get a different one each time. fold into 3's glue the 2 flaps down and laminate. add your ribbon and your done.
Please do not copy without permission, pleasse give credit where credit is due if you share instructions on this project. Thank You!

Q-Tip Snowflake

I love to sit and craft for the holidays, this was a challenge for me that I had to come up with, as I looked around my house hold things, I needed to figure how and wht I would use for a holiday fast craft. and since I like snowflakes, I came up with these cute q-tip snowflakes.they ere cheap and come in a box of 100 or 500, so a few was not going to hurt these took about 5 minutes to make and add glitter to, and they are very cute on any tree, or add to a gift bag, or just hang around your home.
So using what you already have at home is what's fun. if you have q-tips your not going to use, let kids make these cute snowflakes. make several with different colors, this one is silver. choose any color of glitter and make several in different colors. Happy Crafting!
(please do not copy without my permission) give credit where credit is due. Thank You.

Turkey Hanging

Here is a cute adorable Turkey hanging, using a printable and adding some ribbons to to it off. use on your front door or somewhere around your home. very easy and cute for kids to make.