Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flower hair clips

If your like me and end up with tons of flowers and have no clue what to make, you can use flowers tops to make these cute hair clips. great for costumes, or to use on a day to day basis. add your clip and get that cute outfit on to match. an easy way to add a cute accessory to that special party dress or pant and shirt set

Wands for kids

When crafting I like to see and try new things. so when i have time i like to get together with my friends and see what we have crafted. these were crafted by a good friend of mine and given to me. you could also use these using straws for the handles, or wooden dowels. these were made with the dowels(plastic) from window blinds, wooden stars, painted your choice of colors. add ribbon, and your done. makes great kids gits or even party favors. also use tulle netting for the tops of wands. lots of fun to be had with these cute wands.

Earring Holder

I have way to many earrings and onlyhave 1 armoire to put all my jewelry in, that includes the jewelry I have been given as gifts, and jewelry I have bought and of course can't forget the jewelry I have made and continue to make. so here is one solution, I have made these in the past years as well. I have used window screen and the metal screen, but I love the different color of plastic canvas. you can decorate and color coordinate with your rooms as well. here is how one of them turned out. enjoy!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Message Board

I love to have a place to keep my messages and little notes when I'm being crafty and creative, so I remembered making these in high school using brown cardboard boxes. I've seen these made from post boards and the foam boards, so I had an extra one and here is one me and my daughter worked on for a friend of hers for her birthday. we now make these for gifts for special occassions and more. enjoy!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Halloween Pumpkin

I know how kids love halloween, they can't seem to wait to get out there and get all the yummy treats they can get their hads on. but what to do with them before that? how about using cardboard to make a cute magnet or window hanging. you can use it to make alot of these or use them to hang in the window for decorations or use in goodie bags for kids to enjoy, make ghosts,blk cats,witches and more. we made a few of these cardboard pumkins for our decorations, and used them for magnets as well. use for gift tags,package toppers or anything else you like. enjoy! and Happy Halloween!!

CD Crafting

I love using these CD's, they are so much fun to use and reuse for crafting, whether it be painting, or adding scrapbook paper to it or just using sharpie markers on it to draw on. either way it's fun and a great inexpensive way to create something out of. so here's a few we created to hang on our wall to to decorate with some fun creations. enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photo straw frame

I'm always crafting and creating things here and there, I tend to look at something and wonder" what would happen if I melted this" or what could this become. so since plastic melts and drinking straws are plastic, I decided to cut a few drinking straws up and put onto a cookie sheet and set in over to melt. and sure e nough they did. I'm since been making cards and using them in my scrapbooking and adding them to picture frames. and this is the picture frame done in straws after being melted.
they cool hard and make a cute decoration on anything. they come off the cookie sheet witha flat backing so they are easy to glue onto whatever you want to glue them too.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I'm always creating new things, and wondering how to re-use things,like bags,CD'sboxes and more. I even keep flowers(fake) and re-use those when I can. here is a plastic bag bow with a blue carnation flower(fake) and another one using a paper towel dyed colored heart. they turned out really cute and of course will re-use, and put on a gift. it's a plastic bag that the cleaners use to cover your clothes when you pick or have them dropped off. such a fun way to re-use these bags and not have them go to waste. enjoy!

Mini Wreath

I do love christmas with all the beautiful decorations and beautiful tree's decorated. I love driving around and looking at all the decorated yards at night, the way they light up with all the beautiful colors and different themes. it's just the icing on the cake for me, it gets me in the mood for this special holiday, so at home we like to creat these cute inexpensive little mini wreaths, you cna use them for ornaments on your tree, use them for package toppers, or use for gift tags, or magnets or make a few and give as gifts. either way they are cute and easy and so much fun to do. so put some smiles on your friends face for the holidays with these cute mini(pom pom) wreaths. Enjoy!

Paint Sample Tag

I love to scrapbook here and there, since I'm out and about everyday with my kids, I'm always on the lookout for anything and everything I can use to add to my scrapbooking stash. since I try to stay on a budget, which is hard having 4 kids but I do really well at it, I look at everything at a different perpective. and since hubby is always in home depot or wal-mart, I'm going in with my eyes wide open for anything I can find. cheap or free. so this is what I ran into in the paint dept, the paint samples now come with what looks to be a tag sample, it has a square instead of a hole, and it being in different colors, I just had to grab a few and create this cute b-day tag for my daughters friends gift. this is how it looks now. so on your next outing, grab a few and get creating some cute tags. we just added stickers and used stamps for the (Happy b-day) words, and added a green ribbon. Enjoy!!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lid Ornament

Another creation made from a lid. this is made from a plastic lid that came from my daughter plastic cup from her kids meal. we have a few colors, red,blue and yellow, easy to decorate and add a ribbon for hanging. kids will love making these for tree ornaments or give for gifts to friends. anything h andmade is a special gift. have fun making and decorating lids.

Decorative Tile

Don't throw away those left over tiles. let the kids draw on them and use for coasters or trivets to set your cooking utensils on by the stove. kids will love making these for friends,gifts or just keep for themselves. use sharpie markers, i used sharpie and some permanent markers from the dollar store. so this can be an inexpensive craft to do. have fun!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pic Holder

I made this cute pic holder using items from around the house. I put them together and made this cute inexpensive pic holder, they can be expensive in stores, so this is way much better and fun to do. you need small clay pot,some paint and a wire pic holder, mine came from a cake that held my birthday note.and some plaster paris and some ribbon for your bow and some moss. and this is what you get.

Pinecone Craft

Use pine cones to make a bird craft, add yarn or string into each section of pine cone and add a hanger to hang and let the bird enjoy taking the yarn pieces for their nest. it will keep kids busy making these and the birds will love you for it.

Note Holder

Turn those cork pieces into note holders,decorate it to match your home decor and you have a cute handmade gift or a treasure for yourself.

Friends Door Decor

Using those CD's we get in the mail can be turned into something cute for the kids who have their own rooms. This is a CD that I turned into a wall decor or use it as a door hanger, or give as a gift to a friend. eay and fast to do and fun for kids to make.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Window Suncatcher

Another recycled craft, don't throw away those soda/coffee lids, This lid Came off my coffee and what better way to reuse it than creat a cute window suncatcher, add some puffy paint, ribbon for the edge and a flat marble stone in the middle and add your ribbon for hanging. and this is what you get.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Vinyl Plastic Bracelet

I created this bracelet using a toy that my daughter had, the toy got a hole in it and I had to create something with it because of the colors that were in this cute toy. so I cut it apart and made this cute bracelet. very easy to make and it was fun making this. I now make these, and sell these when time allows me too. but we love making them for family members and friends.

Enjoy. want to know what it's made from?

Hair Scrunch Flower

My hair scrunch flower is made from a hair scrunchie, elastic taken out and formed into a rose, added leaves and a shirt pin backing, use as a gift bag topper,magnet, bracelet,or necklace or use it to hold your hair up. either way it's a keeper for yourself or give as a gift. make alot or few. use different hair scrunchies for more variety of colors. have fun.

Drink Pouch Tote

Here is a tote I made for my daughter, it's made from drink pouches, just sewn together, a total of 8. you can also find instructions of different ones online. fun and very inexpensive to make.