Thursday, September 29, 2011

Painted Roses

I love this painted rose decor, this was made by my mom(R.I.P) who loved roses as I do. she was always making and drawing them on her t-shirts,white sneakers,paper and other things, like her bedroom wall. I gave her this book that had a pattern inside it to draw these roses and transfer them to whatever you like, in this case it was this medium plastic board, she drew the roses with a black sharpie marker, and she pinted in the roses with red paint(acrylic) and once dried, she would use this as her clipboard when she would write out her grocery list, she had made smaller ones but had given them to a friend of hers who lived around the corner of her apartment. she even made ones for coasters, my dad would cut them the size she wanted and she drew the roses on them as well. After her paaing away I kept this because t was something of hers she made with her hands and it was very important to me. so it now hangs in my kitchen window and every now and then I take it down to use as my clipboard when I can't find something hard to write on. I hope you enjoy this. This can also be painted with puffy paint, as this had some of that on it to keep the roses from fading away when washed.
                                                                          In Memory of my Mother
                                                                             L.Dotson Oct 6, 2008

Halloween Wooden Pic Frame

It's that time again! yes Halloween is just around the corner and what  acute way for kids to start this fun spoky night off than sit and paint a cute mini wooden pic frame, all you need is the wooden pic frame itself, I got this one from a pack of 3 at Michaels craft store, they come with the small wooden dowel stand that goes in the hole in the back of the frame, you will also need some orange acrylic or orange tempera paint(non toxic) paint brush and some cute fun fom stickers of halloween ghosts,cats, bats,and pumpkins, you can add either or of the stickers you choose. once painted peel your stickers backing off and stick to your frame. I added a little bit of Aleene's tacky glue(in gold bottle) to give it a more secure stick. once your done you can give as a gift or put around yourhome and write ghostly sayings on the little picture sheet inside or add some of your own pictures. either way these are fun and very cute to make on halloween! Enjoy and Happy crafting.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paperclip Buddies

ok, well here's somethng I had to find in our craft goodies, these were actually made in our girlscout swaps, they're called paperclip buddies, I seen a post on a paperclip craft that I use to use a few years ago, and remembered we had these, so I thought I would share with you all on using those paperclips that are not being used for holding papers together, they are really easy and fast to put together,  so get your paper clips out and craft some fun buddies!! the decorated clips would really be cute. Enjoy!
use different colored wiggly eyes for a more fun look:) Have fun crafting with things around your home. these are made with the fun yarn(multicolored) add your (aleene's) tacky glue in gold bottle after you have added your fun yarn for hair.using the loopand pull ends through yarn you do the same on the end of paperclips. try something new and make a cute paperclip buddy necklace by adding a jump ring and run some yarn or leather strip  and you hane a cute necklace:)