Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Scrapbook Crafting

Well here is another Thursday, except this thursday it's the kids last day of school!!! they are excited of andme? well trying to figure outwhat to plan to keep them busy before they drive me up the wall. lol but to calm mymind and give me somepeace, as usual I sit down and creat another scrapbook,  just one of my paperbag scrapbooks that is, but thistime I got it done and took a picture of it and wanted to share before I sent it off for a swap I'm doing. 
     So this paperbag swap  is made from 3 bags(brown) you can get them in any color, which makes it more fun to be creative, maybe a red,white andblue for 4th of july, orange and blk for  halloween. so many idea's to go with, but this is a simple easy brown paper bag. 3 bags put together, each bag is the opposite of eachother, because of the openings.  this is where you will put your extra goodies, like stickers, tags and more if you like. I used my crop a dile to punch the folded ends of the bag to run my ribbon and some neat funky yarn to make it decorative and cute. each page I used plain cardstock and decorated with stickers, flowers and cute ribbon to embellish it even further.   any paper will do and these are so fast to do and cute.  I enjoyed making this and hope you enjoy it too!



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