Monday, May 23, 2011

Daily Crafting Fun

Another monday comes by and as I sit and go through my cleaning time. I need some tin foil to wrap up some food and putaway in the fridge. as usual I'm looking at my crafting stuff and see my glue gun, a bag f small white daisies and a few pieces of scrap material that can be cut into small pieces. and as I'm cleaning and outting things away I decide to stop for a few minutes and do some crafting, you always can take a break when your cleaning up the so of course I get on it and start creating this cute letter from my tin foil(wrapped to create the letter L),the scrap pice of fabric( wrapped around the tin foil letter) and the white daisies and of course put it together with my glue gun. and this is what I have now for a cute letter wall hanging.  there's always something you have around your house to create a little craft item with. stop look and think, this is where I get my creative kids think I'm crazy, but if it keeps a few things out of the trash and is usuable, then why not.  Hope you Enjoy.

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