Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fun out on the town

Well today  was one of those hot days, but staying inside just doesn't cut it when you have kids who are constantly bored, so I decided to take 2 of my kids out and about to do some walking around the town. well around some of the neat places that they haven't seen before, and well of course lots of walking you just don't know what you will run into, and while at one of the hotels, we came upon a habitat where they keep 2 of the 70 something lions. and they had 2 of them out and we took some neat pic's, this one is 2 of the lions sleeping, and it's hard to see that there is a guy right up there with them. just hanging out and about with them as if he is one of them. and the other pic is underneath one of the lions, we took this pic to show how big and to be directly under them. I'm sure glad there was glas in between us. hope you enjoy!!!!

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