Friday, July 1, 2011

Friendship Books (FB's)

I recently learned what a friendship book is known as (fb's), something that is really small and very cute to make. I have made these little books for my daughter but not knowing that they were called friendship books. she used them for adding her stickers and important numbers of friends in. and we even used notebooks for making friendship booklets. but what I like of these little books are that they are sent to someone who wants them adds their info and then sent on again with other peoples' info  and sooner or later they come back to you. they are very cute and so much fun to make. if your a scrapbooker you will love these cute things. Here's several I have made, working on a few more to send some friends and can't wait to get them going and done. they only need a few sheets inside, mine have different colored sheets of writing paper cut down to size to fit inside the cover. stapled at the top and decorated. Mine have 4-6 sometimes 8 sheets inside. cute and a great gift to make and give to those important friends, who like to swap for them.


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