Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Capri Sun Scrapbook

As you know i have the love for crafting, whenever and wherever I can, and as I sit around this early morning, I'm looking at my box of capri sun pouches that I have collected over the last 2 yes I have that many. I have made many coin holders and bookmarks with these pouches and as I'm looking at them and trying to figure out what else can be used for the things. it hits me and I go nuts, I get my paper,gluestick,tape,scissors crop a dile, and go to town creating a cute memory scrapbook that will definately be the talk of your friends. I did some research and couldn't find anything so I went with this on my own idea and this is what it looks like, I will be embellishing it more and will post the finished product. but for now here it is with 5 pages and 4 small pockets with tags, as you can see them sticking out on the side. you can use the 5 pages front and back if you have more photos to put inside.  I cut my papers to fit the cardstock that I cut down to match the size of the drink pouch and added them into the drink pouch. you will need 2 of the same or different pouches if you like, use your crop a dile to hole punch the ends. I put all my paper inside and punched it all together. add the brads, added the ribbon, will be adding more later, and decorated the small pouches and added some cute tags. I will be embellishig it more, and post it as it comes to it's complete look, but for now to show you all what it looks like, Here is a pic of it and I hope you save those drink pouches and share your pics with me on what yours looks like. Enjoy!!!!
Please do not copy or repost without my permission, please give credit where credit is due. Thank You

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