Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mini Dog Bone's

Another  cute creation is these cute adorable shirt pins, and yes they are mini dog  and these are great for those dog lovers in your life(as gifts only)  in order to make it safe you can use non toxic tempera paint, this is a safe paint. if you use acrylic paint, you need to make sure no dogs or animals will be able to get ahold of these. 
     All you need is some mini dog bones, or whatever size you prefer, and paint them a few coats, these were given 4 coats and let dryed for 2 hrs to make sure they dried completely, once dried, you add a ribbon bow already made or you can make them yourself.  add a pin size glue spot and adhere your ribbon to front. and this is what you will get. you can make any dog bone into ornaments for your tree, or glue onto frames, either way you use them plain or painted, will make a cute gift. you can also make mini bones from sculpey clay.

                                        (Not Intended For Animal Consumption If Painted)

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