Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pool Noodle Fun

Well another day out and about and of course on my usual outing , I decided I needed something from my favorite store, the 99cent store of you can never go wrong when shopping there, you can always find something to be crafty with, or maybe your looking to decorate your home in a cheap but descent way.  or maybe you just want to find some goodies to enjoy a picnic with the kids at the park,and if you have kids like I do that always want to either buy something, or get crafty or just spend time together, then this will do it for you, I found this cute pool noodle toy at the 99 cent store and well as I'm walking around I get these idea's of craty something with it, so I buy it and this is what I made from cutting the end off of the pool  noodle, you can give itas a mothers day gift, give it to a teacher for appreciation day, or keep for yourself. but we like to make and give, so this will be going to a teacher. so don't pass those pool noodle toys up, get creating and have fun being creative!!!!!

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