Thursday, April 7, 2011


In my spare time when kids are at school or at night when they sleep, i like going outside and spend time with our dogs(chow chows) I love watching them run and play with eachother, and just act like kids theirselves. nothing puts a smile on my face than just sitting back and watching them play, I enjoy loving on them and petting them, suvh furry babies they are. they are always glad to see you and want to give furry kisses, so I thought I would share some of my furry babies with you here, I hope you enjoy and these are just a few of them. most of our dogs are show dogs and go to shows on the weekends. and made cahampions by the age of 1 which is remarkble, theyare all very layed back and very tamed as they have to be, not only because of us having kids around but because of them being in dog shows. gotta love them! top pic is mom and daughter, daughter is the cream chow red is mommy, and on bottom is puppy from another litter we had,  Enjoy!!

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