Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mini Easter Basket

It's about that time to get the kids excited about the easter bunny coming again. so who wouldn't resist these cute little mini easter baskets, of course used from things I have around the home. empty(shampoo,body wash) bottles cleaned out really well and left over materials like chenille pipe cleaners and bits of ribbon,flowers,yarn and tacky glue(aleene's tacky glue in gold bottle). this is what we made. great gifts as well if you make several for friends and family, fill with little goodies, candy or even pretty flowers. makes a great welcome gift for anyone moving into a home, add your florals, or maybe some chocolate sticks and give! these are fast and fun to do, so if your looking for a quick gift or craft to make with kids, this will do for them and watch how they are willing to find things to put inside. try cottonballs and make a bunny or yellow pompoms to make a cute chick for easter. any way you make these, they will be a great hit for any holidays or special occasion. Enjoy and Happy Crafting!
Please do not copy pic without my permision, please give credit where it's due. Thank You!


  1. This is such a gerat idea! I can't wait to try it with my girls! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now one of your followers too!


  2. Your so very welcome:) glad you like it!!!

    1. Let me know how it turns out!! we will be doing a basket for valentines day. will post when it gets done:) Have a wonderful week!