Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Atlas map wallets

Kids enjoy these wallets, easy fast and fun to make and create, you can use magazine pages, use up those old maps and atlas's, or even use a kids coloring page. laminate if you like, more durable and last longer, add some stickers, beads to enhance it. and you get a fun friendly wallet. I was introduced this craft by a family friend, and she told me to do a google search on them because I just couldn't understand how she made them. and after seeing different difficult ways to make them, the more she taught me this,the more I got the hang of it, and  now my kids have several and make them and give them to their friends. they even make great ATC holders.they hold 4 in each pocket.
this is our latest for our travel trip were planning on going soon. they  have even traded other wallets made from other materials as well. but youhave to love the wallets made from any kind of paper. even scrapbook paper.You can find instructions for these and other wallets on Youtube, different people give nice instructions on how to make these. Have fun!!!!!!

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