Monday, August 8, 2011

Gift Tags

Well as my usual crafting fun time, I took a class and decided to learn some new ways of recycling idea's, maybe there was something out there I didn't know or haveen't done, and well it was something I haven't seen or done, and we made these cute tags from toilet paper tubes, yes that's right, toilet paper tubes, once emptied, not only can you turn these into scrapbooks and mementoes with pictures and notes, but give these to friends and family, add to gift  bags or just share with friends. I found a great site to give you a good tutorials on these. wish I had found these before the but it was fun. and not expensive only $5.00 plus $3.00 for pictures, but I  had fun!! anyways here is what I made, grab those tubes and get to crafting making these tubes. I started using paper towels tubes as well, little smaller but just the same. all you need is some scrapbook paper and or wrapping paper and glue sticks or glue dots/runner , paper cutter and your ready to get started, don't for get your hole puncher and or crop-a-dile for making holes or add your grommets as well for sturdier holding when adding binder rings. have fun!!!
The materials needed for this are in photo below.

Toilet paper tube, ironed flat,(avery) glue stick, your choice of scrapbook papers orgift wrapping paper, ribbon, a garment tag, or you can make your own, a hole punch and scissors.

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