Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bottle Cap Magnets

Here's another recycled craft project, I have seen these cute magnets around the stores and really see how much they cost, you can make them for yourself at half the cost. I'm sure we all enjoy a drink in a bottle like soda(coke) that still comes in the glass bottle, actually any glass bottlecap will do. once your cap is off your bottle, clean the metal cap really good, warm water and dish soap, I use dawn, scrub clean, dry and your ready to go. once you find some cute stickers like I found here, or you could find someone who has precut images ready to use, using aleene's tacky glue(gold bottle) works really well, ad a little of the glue into your lid, this will help adhere your pic or sticker inside. let dry good enough to where it won't just fall out, you can use clear spray to cover and coat inside, or leave as is. you can also use puffy paint to make an edging aroudn the inside of your picture, it will also help keeping image inside. once complete, add your magnet to the back and your done, you can go faarther and paint the cap using metal paint and cover with clear vanish and then add your magnet, but to make it fast, I just use the magnet strips or round magnets you can find at michaels or wal-mart and adhere to the back of your cap, and your done. here is the items you can use to make your own. everything in the picture has been found really cheap and can be put together to make several bottle cap magnets in no time. Enjoy and Happy Crafting!!!!

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