Monday, March 5, 2012

Sachet Bags

I love the smell of lavendar and vanilla and cinnamon, I not only like my house to smell good, but love my car to smel good as well, nothing like getting into my car and smelling something nice. so I made this cute Tinkerbell sachet bag,  along with other ones of different materials, added some potpourri and added some oil to enhance the smell,  tied it off with a yellow ribbon and put it in my car, you can hang them or sit them on the dash board and when it's hot outside, the heat will heat up the potpourri inside the bag and your car will smell wonderful!!! I made these because any and all scents I have bought from stores and off other websites just didn't do anything for me. and to make my own and it work the way I want it to, was just great!!! these make great gifts, you can add them to your dresser draws and use the blow dryer on them to heat them and rerlease the scent if you like, and if the scent runs out within several uses you can add oil right back to it just taking the potpourri out and adding your oil and put it back in the bag, and your ready to freshen up any room you like. cheap to make and fun to smell! :) hope you enjoy.

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