Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cardboard Creations

We all have some sort of cardboard around the house, whether it's from a shoe box, or pizza box, either way whatever kind of caardboard box you have, you can always put it to another use. if you have cookie cutter, or you ca get online patterns for making some cute ornaments, magnets or package toppers, whatever you choose to do, these cute cardboard creations will be fun,fast, and easy for even kids to do with mom or friends, or even host a party and make several, get your paints out and decorate away. these were  made with cookie cuters, traced onto the cardboard, cut out and painted  using acrylic paint(non toxic) add some wiggly eye's for the snowman, and use clear sealer to seal, and your creation is done.great for holidays.
Next here is another cardboard craft I thought was fun, if your a crafty person like me, then this will be fun to make few or several, you can also write names,animals,decoupage a picture or something cute on it. this is a maneet, but would work great for bag toppers,ornaments as well. same way done as the top ones, make them big or small and have fun with it!

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