Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jellybean Bracelet

We all have those leftover jellybeans, and if your like me and love the jelly-belly's jellybeans, then this is something you can make today and munch on as well. this one I made for my daughter, I love the jellybean bracelet, it's fun and easy to  make. your items you will need for making this cute  crafty bracelet is, dental floss, or use the stretch jewelry string. either or is fine. I used dental floss, little more sturdier and alot easier to thread your needle through. use a brand new needle when making, since kids are going eat the jelly beans it needs to be new, you can sterilize in hot water, but I like new. you will need a small bag of jelly-bellies jellybeans. once you thread your needle, start stringing on your jellybeans. measure your childs wrist first and go from there, mine was 20 jellybeans, once strung onto your floss/string, tie a knot several times, and cut off ends, and your done. let kids wear and munch and enjoy. once kids are done, throw floss/string sway. and you can also make a necklace as well if your willing to spend the time to do it. Enjoy and as always, Happy Creative Crafting!!!!

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