Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Brown bag bow

Using up those brown bags for anything and everything you could possibly imagine is just another way of being creative and crafty!, you always get some sort of brown bag wherever you go, whether it's from fast food,maybe an organic store or just buying it on a roll, either way using brown paper for crafting is a great way to craft, keeping pictures off any brown bag come in handy for crafting. like this cute little bow, can be used for putting in your hair, maybe on a gift bag or package or to use to decorate a journal. either way it's fast and cute and easy to make in seconds. this one is from a burger king brown bag and I cut the picture off the front and made this cute bow. Enjoy and Happy Crafting with brown bags.
Items needed: brown bag pic from a brown bag,scissors(decorative) glue(aleenes tacky glue) fan fold your cut out picture from your bag, cut a strip big enough to wrap around the middle and glue to secure. and your done. Enjoy!!!!

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