Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bottle Buddy

Late night crafting is my sane thing to do here and there, and as usual I have a few empty bottle's from lotions that I buy in the dollar bins, and once they are empty, I try to come up with something cute and and easy craft project. here is one of my bottle buddies I made from a dollar bottle lotion. just wrapping yarn around using aleene's tacky glue for good hold, let dry over night, add some cute funky fun yarn and wiggly eyes. maybe a small flower and you have this cute bottle buddy girl. very cute and fun. Enjoy and Happy recycling!(please give credit where credit is due, if making/using/sharing this craft project) Thank You:)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Feather Charms

We all have something cute to add to bracelets, or even put on our cell phones,  why not add something that's feather and has pretty colors, these charms are made with some cute polka dot feathers. veery easy,fast and fun to make for gifts, give to friends. everyone will love them:)  Enjoy and happy crafting!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jellybean Bracelet

We all have those leftover jellybeans, and if your like me and love the jelly-belly's jellybeans, then this is something you can make today and munch on as well. this one I made for my daughter, I love the jellybean bracelet, it's fun and easy to  make. your items you will need for making this cute  crafty bracelet is, dental floss, or use the stretch jewelry string. either or is fine. I used dental floss, little more sturdier and alot easier to thread your needle through. use a brand new needle when making, since kids are going eat the jelly beans it needs to be new, you can sterilize in hot water, but I like new. you will need a small bag of jelly-bellies jellybeans. once you thread your needle, start stringing on your jellybeans. measure your childs wrist first and go from there, mine was 20 jellybeans, once strung onto your floss/string, tie a knot several times, and cut off ends, and your done. let kids wear and munch and enjoy. once kids are done, throw floss/string sway. and you can also make a necklace as well if your willing to spend the time to do it. Enjoy and as always, Happy Creative Crafting!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cardboard Creations

We all have some sort of cardboard around the house, whether it's from a shoe box, or pizza box, either way whatever kind of caardboard box you have, you can always put it to another use. if you have cookie cutter, or you ca get online patterns for making some cute ornaments, magnets or package toppers, whatever you choose to do, these cute cardboard creations will be fun,fast, and easy for even kids to do with mom or friends, or even host a party and make several, get your paints out and decorate away. these were  made with cookie cuters, traced onto the cardboard, cut out and painted  using acrylic paint(non toxic) add some wiggly eye's for the snowman, and use clear sealer to seal, and your creation is done.great for holidays.
Next here is another cardboard craft I thought was fun, if your a crafty person like me, then this will be fun to make few or several, you can also write names,animals,decoupage a picture or something cute on it. this is a maneet, but would work great for bag toppers,ornaments as well. same way done as the top ones, make them big or small and have fun with it!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ceramic Coaster

Looking through all of our treasure we have in our storage trailer, I stumbled upon some tiles that I used for making some cute items for friends, gave as gifts, and trying to find things around the house so I don't have to go out and buy extra items that I don't need, I found stashed in my cabinets some cute napkins that I forgot I had. and putting the tile with the napkins and using decoupage, here is my cute coaster I made using my on hand items. Enjoy and as always Happy Crafting!

St.Patricks Day Shamrock

It's almost time for St.Patrick's day, so why not create a cute shamrock magnet with googly eyes for kids to wear to school, easy fast and fun for kids to make. all you need is either find a picture online to print out onto green construction or cardstock or use a cookie cutter like I did and trace and cut out, use wiggly eyes, a wavy border and cut off a section that will be used for the mouth, and a light green ribbon to make a cute bow. add a flat magnet to the back or use a shirt pin and let the kids wear them on St.Patricks day so they don't get pinched! you can also use felt and attach it to your childs back pack. enjoy making lots or just a few. Happy crafting!!!

Brown bag bow

Using up those brown bags for anything and everything you could possibly imagine is just another way of being creative and crafty!, you always get some sort of brown bag wherever you go, whether it's from fast food,maybe an organic store or just buying it on a roll, either way using brown paper for crafting is a great way to craft, keeping pictures off any brown bag come in handy for crafting. like this cute little bow, can be used for putting in your hair, maybe on a gift bag or package or to use to decorate a journal. either way it's fast and cute and easy to make in seconds. this one is from a burger king brown bag and I cut the picture off the front and made this cute bow. Enjoy and Happy Crafting with brown bags.
Items needed: brown bag pic from a brown bag,scissors(decorative) glue(aleenes tacky glue) fan fold your cut out picture from your bag, cut a strip big enough to wrap around the middle and glue to secure. and your done. Enjoy!!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sachet Bags

I love the smell of lavendar and vanilla and cinnamon, I not only like my house to smell good, but love my car to smel good as well, nothing like getting into my car and smelling something nice. so I made this cute Tinkerbell sachet bag,  along with other ones of different materials, added some potpourri and added some oil to enhance the smell,  tied it off with a yellow ribbon and put it in my car, you can hang them or sit them on the dash board and when it's hot outside, the heat will heat up the potpourri inside the bag and your car will smell wonderful!!! I made these because any and all scents I have bought from stores and off other websites just didn't do anything for me. and to make my own and it work the way I want it to, was just great!!! these make great gifts, you can add them to your dresser draws and use the blow dryer on them to heat them and rerlease the scent if you like, and if the scent runs out within several uses you can add oil right back to it just taking the potpourri out and adding your oil and put it back in the bag, and your ready to freshen up any room you like. cheap to make and fun to smell! :) hope you enjoy.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bottle Cap Magnets

Here's another recycled craft project, I have seen these cute magnets around the stores and really see how much they cost, you can make them for yourself at half the cost. I'm sure we all enjoy a drink in a bottle like soda(coke) that still comes in the glass bottle, actually any glass bottlecap will do. once your cap is off your bottle, clean the metal cap really good, warm water and dish soap, I use dawn, scrub clean, dry and your ready to go. once you find some cute stickers like I found here, or you could find someone who has precut images ready to use, using aleene's tacky glue(gold bottle) works really well, ad a little of the glue into your lid, this will help adhere your pic or sticker inside. let dry good enough to where it won't just fall out, you can use clear spray to cover and coat inside, or leave as is. you can also use puffy paint to make an edging aroudn the inside of your picture, it will also help keeping image inside. once complete, add your magnet to the back and your done, you can go faarther and paint the cap using metal paint and cover with clear vanish and then add your magnet, but to make it fast, I just use the magnet strips or round magnets you can find at michaels or wal-mart and adhere to the back of your cap, and your done. here is the items you can use to make your own. everything in the picture has been found really cheap and can be put together to make several bottle cap magnets in no time. Enjoy and Happy Crafting!!!!