Saturday, May 4, 2013

Movie Fun Time

Friday  evening 5-3-13, kids are  bored after a few hours of shopping and eating dinner early, so we decide to go to the movies and what does everyone want to see? well  of course Iron Man 3 is on the top of the list. so we head off and get our tickets early and go find seats. as it already getting crowded with the the first 5-10 minutes of being we sit and watch preview after preview after preview, I'm thinking" what in the world is all of this" well  previews put together are as long as the  movie itself it be we finally get to see the movie and during the whole movie, I'm finding myself somewhat lost and confused. not knowing who these fire people are and why they are after Iron Man himself. well Tony Stark. not sure if I'm the only one who is not following this the right way or is it just me not knowing what in the world is going on! much to my knowledge. all I can figure out is this man does not like Mr Stark. and well of course not sure what is the purpose of this fighting is that they are doing. so as I sit and watch trying to stay focused, I just cannot seem to get excited and thrilled as I was with the last movie. so needless to say somewhat confused as to what I saw and watched and still debating if I need to see it again to figure it out or just let it be and move on with the next movie I'm looking forward to seeing.  so it is for me to decide, I need to move on and not give this another thought and watch for the next movie to come out and see. Fast and yes I know but it does look good and kids want to see it as well. so that is our plan. I did enjoy being with my kids and granddaughter at the movies. always something good comes out of it. gotta love being with the family every chance I get. now it's late and I must shut myself down and head to sleep. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  tomorrow is my crafty day.:)

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