Saturday, October 30, 2010

ATC Cards

I love to dabble with whatever comes my way, I give anything and everything a try at least once, and if it turns out good, I make a few or keep at it, and my love for scrapbooking has led me to have lots and lots of scrapbook paper, patterned,plained glitter and more, I was introduced to altered stuff years ago, cards,recipe books, journals, CD's and more, so this year I actually made some ATC's from cards, using my own of course, or making them as well. here is one I call jungle Cat, orange paint, a picture of a bengal tiger found from a magazine, and stamp I already had on hand, this is how it turned out, enjoy!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Mini Scrapbook

As I sit during the day, looking around at some of the things I have that might be of use and not of use, I look at some discount cards that was in our pile of mail, as I look at it and think of what I could use it for, my mind goes into creativity mode and I make this cute little scrapbook, there's other ways of making mini scrapbooks, using cardboard from cereal boxes, plain cardstock or any kind of box you have or might be able to get your hands on. well these discount cards were expired and I didn't want to throw them away, so this is what I made, covering them front abd back with some scrapbook paper scraps that was given to me, I then decided to use my crop a dile to punch holes on one side and once my inside papers were cut down to fit inside, I then found some cute ribbon to run through the holes and make a bow and use some stickers that my daughter was given to add "Girl Power" to the front and voila, how cute. great for notes, photo's and more, you can add pages if you like, this one has 6 sheets. will add more. so don't throw away those useless discount cards you get in the mail for office max,home depot, use them for making gifts for family members for holidays. plastic cards will work as well, just need to file off the numbers and decorate as is or cover. have fun and enjoy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Home Time

My kids are very important tome, we love to laugh together, joke around together, shop together and just hang out together when we can, and it's the most important time we have which is every weekend, we love to go hang out at the park, or at the mall, just walking and window shopping, there's no wrong way to enjoy your family. no matter how you do it, it's always a fun time! so here is a few pictures of my kids enjoying what they love best, taking pictures of theirselves, my daughter on the first day of school, my youngest son playing basketball with his team, and my oldest with his beautiful girlfriend. love that family time:)

Pen Makeover

Another craft past time gone by and of course we all have those pens laying around, sometimes we have way tomany pens, and besides taking them apart and using them for numerous things, one thing I love to d is remake a pen for myself to use and carry around with me. and with something you already have at home or can find very cheap at any store is nail polish, any kind will do, I use the very cheapest I can find. you canuse it for many things besides decorating your nails, and here is a cute thing to do with those pens when your just tired of the pen you carry around in your purse or on your check book, give those pens a new look! This pen was a clear pen, and I added several coats(8) let dry in between coats and it has a little bit of glitter to it. but this is my own new decked out pen, you can deck pens out with nail decorations if you like,my daughter has one for her own. you can use stickers on them and cover with clear sealer(varnish) and your set to go. make a few, give a few, keep a few. grab some pens and get to painting!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Family Time

I thought I would share with you all on my family and what we do when we have time. and that is taking pictures, we love to get together every now and then and just flash our camera's or cell phone cameras and take fun and cooky photo's so I would love to share my favorite fun photo's with you all here. so enjoy and thanks so much for viewing and being a part of my crafting blog.
My daughter and friend hving halloween fun with masks.

Halloween Candy Jar

Another great project we love to do for these fun filled occassions, we love to get out the paints and brushes and recycled things that we have around the house. halloween is a fun night for the kids to go out into the night all dressed up and have their parents drive or walk with them from door to door or maybe go out to the malls and collect so goodies for saying "Trick or Treat" all the cute costumes and you see walking around, what a fun night. but whats even more fun is to be home after all this or before and be creative. we love to creat a cute giftable gift or even a few to hand out to friends and fmily, cute candy jars we add candy to and give. enjoy this cute craft and have a safe Halloween!!!!!