Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pen Makeover

Another craft past time gone by and of course we all have those pens laying around, sometimes we have way tomany pens, and besides taking them apart and using them for numerous things, one thing I love to d is remake a pen for myself to use and carry around with me. and with something you already have at home or can find very cheap at any store is nail polish, any kind will do, I use the very cheapest I can find. you canuse it for many things besides decorating your nails, and here is a cute thing to do with those pens when your just tired of the pen you carry around in your purse or on your check book, give those pens a new look! This pen was a clear pen, and I added several coats(8) let dry in between coats and it has a little bit of glitter to it. but this is my own new decked out pen, you can deck pens out with nail decorations if you like,my daughter has one for her own. you can use stickers on them and cover with clear sealer(varnish) and your set to go. make a few, give a few, keep a few. grab some pens and get to painting!

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