Monday, September 27, 2010

Candy Jar

We all love that yummy sweet candy. maybe not all the time, but having close by for those quick grabs is always a great thing, so why not put to use something you might already have around the house, a candy bowl,containers,jar etc, some nail polish and a black sharpie marker, put all three of those togeher and add a little bit of a country affect by adding a prim bow to it and you will end up with this.sit this by your couch or in the kitchen for a grab fast of something sweet, and warm your heart by knowing you made this cute jar for your little yummies. add a candle for the holidays, either way you like it will be a cute addition to your home decor. I do love my craft time!


Crafting for halloween can't be more fun than making a few cute bookmarks for those little goblin of readers who enjoy books. my daughter loves to read and she is always looking for a bookmark to keep her page place, so we are always making bookmarks and of course being so close to halloween, what better way to enjoy a little bit of fun by creating these cute adorable halloween bookmarks. a few wooden bookmarks, paint and a black sharpie marker, a few stickers and you have something like these! Enjoy

Halloween Frames

I love crafting, but love to craft for the holidays. it's my favorite time to craft besides crafting for my friends. and what better way to complete a craft, than have your kids jump in and give you a hand. of course my daughter and I always craft together, and together we do have some beautiful mother daughter crafts. here is one we did today. since halloween is all about fun and candy and a little scaryness, we made these cute frames from popsicles sticks and some cute halloween stickers and chipboard stickers. so grab your scrapbooking stickers and popsickle stick along with some dimensional puffy paint and get started. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rose in disguise

I love roses, prefer the red ones, but when crafting and creating crafts, I will take them any color, this is one of my roses made from nothing more than T.Paper(toilet paper) yes that's right! you read it right,use a brand new roll(several sheets) I make these also from party napkins(Top pic), tissue paper and T.paper. they are easy and makes a great adition to any craft, once made, you can spray it with a little hair spray to stiffen it, or spray with varnish, but not real close, will use several coats. use them on crafting objects, scrapbooking, make alot of them to add them to your home decor and more. add some shimmer or glitter to make them shine and look pretty. they work great for weddings as well. make them to add to your table setting with a box of chocolates, your guest will love them. Enjoy and Have fun.

Angel of Metal

I have a love for angels, they are very inspiring, they have a peace and calming affect on me. I love to make my own angels, create angels from what and everything I can. before throwing anything away I look at it and if I can make it into an angel, then that's what it becomes. here is my own metal screen angel, made from the metal of a screen door. I used metal cutters to cut my angel out, after tracing the pattern on using a black sharpie marker, painted silver and added a heart in the middle, using metal paint. add my ribbon and I have this adorable metal angel ornament. Enjoy