Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rose in disguise

I love roses, prefer the red ones, but when crafting and creating crafts, I will take them any color, this is one of my roses made from nothing more than T.Paper(toilet paper) yes that's right! you read it right,use a brand new roll(several sheets) I make these also from party napkins(Top pic), tissue paper and T.paper. they are easy and makes a great adition to any craft, once made, you can spray it with a little hair spray to stiffen it, or spray with varnish, but not real close, will use several coats. use them on crafting objects, scrapbooking, make alot of them to add them to your home decor and more. add some shimmer or glitter to make them shine and look pretty. they work great for weddings as well. make them to add to your table setting with a box of chocolates, your guest will love them. Enjoy and Have fun.

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