Thursday, November 4, 2010

Craft Items must have's

I'm a big crafter at heart, I love to find time to sit and be creative anytime of the day, it's very calming and soothing for me to just find a craft or have something in my head to start my juices flowing, I have way to much stuff, but it keeps me from running to the store everytime I think I need something, when all I have to do is go to my craft box,bin or closet or even the shed to find what I need, and most times I do already have it, so if your a big crafter at heart there's a few item's I have and keep close by for those crafting moments, always have a pen and paper pad to keep those notes, a glue gun and tacky glue(aleene's) you can combine these 2 glue's (hot glue and aleenes') tacky glue to any project and they form a permanent bond.
All other items would be a good staple gun, markers(sharpie markers) all colors, scissors,tape,white glue,ribbon,pipe cleaners,scrapbook paper and construction paper( a must for kids) idea books and a good sturdy table.
kids will always want to be creative along with you, mine are always wanting to join in the fun. I love it! you can craft anywhere you are comfortable, i love to craft on our kitchen table, like I said it's everywhere :) I love to craft and share my pictures where ever possible, you can also be crafty with recycled things you already have. but that another post. so either way if your big crafter or a little bit of crafter you should start small and work your way to a good tool box and stock up of some of the items I posted above. you will and can find extra things as you go along that maybe you can't live without or just want or need to have. either way it's fun, and you can gather your friends to have a crafting swap party, swap items you don't use or need, just have fun and please feel free to join this blog and or share with your friends. Thanks so much!!!!


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