Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cardboard Snowman

Re-use cardboard when making crafts, this is a cute craft easy to make and cute for your tree, or just to give as ornament or use any way you like. all from cardboard.

Angel in disguise

Here is a project used from none other than toilet tissue. purchase a roll and use for many angels if youlike. this is fun and great for hoidays,gift tags, or pckage toppers.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Coke Bottle Santa

well holidays are near and of course it wouldn't be right without the christmas croaft and recycled gifting of a cute santa, made from a coke bottle. this was a gift to me from a good friend.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Money Box

Kids love to have their own money box, so here we made a money box for my daughter, using a cappaino conatiner.

Paint on your decorations and wording.
make a lsit in lid for adding your spare change.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Recycled Kool-aid packs

We all try to recycle as much as possible, so to get you started, here is an idea I have come up, if you have kids who like to drink kool-aid, then you surely will have kool aid packs laying around, if not then you need to start keeping them for making book marks, they are small but very useful for those book readers,kids who love to read are always looking for cute and neat book marks, and well these are unique and very cute to use.

Kool aid packet
glue stick
hole punch
laminater/wide clear tape

Make sure pack is clear of kool-sid powder
fold 2 times boths ends toward the middle over lapping.
glue your flaps closed
snip top off just a bit to make even
use clear tape or laminate it
punch your hole at top
run ribbon through and your done
add decorations to front if you like or keep as is.

give as a gift or keep. it's fun and quick to make and kids love it.


I'm a crafter at heart who loves to craft. I love to recycle whatever and anything I can, if I can find something in something that will be thrown away then I will do my best to give it a new look and turn it into something new and beautiful or at least something that is keepable. recycling begins with putting your mind to work, let your imagination take over and see what will come from a throw away. you can, and always will amaze yourself as to what comes from your imagination when you craft from something that can be recycled.I use everything from a pen cap all the way to a paper towel tube, lightbulbs,pie pans,napkins and even the cellophane bags you might get when you purchase a CD or maybe a pack of stickers. I will share my crafts and my recycled crafts and idea's with you, and I hope it will help others to think before tossing out that creative crafting project.