Sunday, December 6, 2009


I'm a crafter at heart who loves to craft. I love to recycle whatever and anything I can, if I can find something in something that will be thrown away then I will do my best to give it a new look and turn it into something new and beautiful or at least something that is keepable. recycling begins with putting your mind to work, let your imagination take over and see what will come from a throw away. you can, and always will amaze yourself as to what comes from your imagination when you craft from something that can be recycled.I use everything from a pen cap all the way to a paper towel tube, lightbulbs,pie pans,napkins and even the cellophane bags you might get when you purchase a CD or maybe a pack of stickers. I will share my crafts and my recycled crafts and idea's with you, and I hope it will help others to think before tossing out that creative crafting project.

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