Saturday, July 31, 2010

Decoupaged Flower pot

Here is a flower pot I decoupaged and painted brown and yellow, I used a sunflower print napkin and decoupaged it on the pot. covered it with several coats. you canused material or paint it alone and cover with decoupage for a clear look.

Calendar Envies

In need of an envelope? these are made from a calendar I bought from hawaii a few years ago. I used another envelope as a template, size can be what you want. trace onto the wall paper and cut out and glue together, it's cheap and the post man will love yah for it :) you can use any paper of your choice, but wall paper comes in many patterns and easy to put together.

Wall Paper Crafts

These are made from wall paper samples from a book I have. who doesn't love a cute bookmark and a mini matching envelope. both made from the same patterned wall paper.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Glass marble magnets

Here are my flat glass marble magnets. one is a pic of our chow chow and other is one that says"I Love you" in gold nail polish.

Magazine Wallet

This is a magazine wallet that was taught to me from a family friend, she found it online and I just had to make one. this is how mine turned out. there are manydifferent ways to do these ways to do these. I have made others and will post soon. it's a good way to use up your old magazines. recycle recycll recycle! I used velcro to hold close, you ca use magnets(flat) or add brads.

Window blind angel magnet

My window blinds angel magnet is made from a wide window plastic blinds that were in my moms windows of her apartment, this one fell and broke and i put it to good use by making several of these "I luv Angels" magnet. a great way to recycle those blinds!

Flower Pens

These are my flower pens my daughter made for me for mothers day. along with the flower pot she painted. really fun and easy to make and makes a great gift. these are pens we found around the house and floral duct tape,paint, and flower pot. you will need moss to add to top or use beans as we did.

Mini note pads

These are mini matchbook note pads. made from my kids folders. I cut the the size I needed and added small papper sheets inside and stapled, added a cute saying and they make great gifts or swaps or use in business goodie bags. to get my measurements for these you can email me anytime. you also can find templates online that are printable as well. I just used a regular matchbook(empty) and used for my template.

CD Coaster

This is a coaster made from a CD I got in the mail, i decoupaged it with a fabric turkey print and it now makes a cute coaster for my drinks.

Mini gift box

make and create little mathbox gift boxes, make your own with cardstock or use empty ones. this one is already put together emptied of course. painted with added furry ribbon to sides. add mini items inside. use for swaps.

Rock Painting

Try your hand at rock painting, try these cute little paintings on rocks. they are fun and cute and cheap to do. you can always find round,flat rocks to paint on. kids love it. these are just a few we have done. enjoy!

CD Turkey

This is a fun thanksgiving turkey quick to make for thanksgiving. add it to a table or use as place settings or make it a magnet. your guests will love it.