Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mini Dog Bone's

Another  cute creation is these cute adorable shirt pins, and yes they are mini dog  and these are great for those dog lovers in your life(as gifts only)  in order to make it safe you can use non toxic tempera paint, this is a safe paint. if you use acrylic paint, you need to make sure no dogs or animals will be able to get ahold of these. 
     All you need is some mini dog bones, or whatever size you prefer, and paint them a few coats, these were given 4 coats and let dryed for 2 hrs to make sure they dried completely, once dried, you add a ribbon bow already made or you can make them yourself.  add a pin size glue spot and adhere your ribbon to front. and this is what you will get. you can make any dog bone into ornaments for your tree, or glue onto frames, either way you use them plain or painted, will make a cute gift. you can also make mini bones from sculpey clay.

                                        (Not Intended For Animal Consumption If Painted)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Drink Pouch Coin Holders

When you have kids who drink from these capri sun drinks, or kool-aid jammers then you should have lots of these around, if  not then grab some and get to saving, and you can make these coin holders for your kids to keep their money in. I've been making these off and on all year long, given some away, used some for raffles(gifts) as well as for my daughters girl scout troop, they love them. they still come to me and ask if I can remake them for their friends. so I do. I love to use them for myself. I always get compliments on them and get lots of questions. so here are my coin pouch money holders, in both patterns. plain and regular print. Enjoy and if you have questions please feel free to ask. I have used stickers(fun foam) to decorate them up more.magnets and or velcro to keep them closed.

New Orleans Vacation

I'm back from vacation! 1 week of friends and family and just enjoying eachothers company was great. spent 1 day in New Orleans with some friends who live there and things we saw were really neat. loved it. bourbon street and all the beads on the banisters and all the friendly people was just amazing. always people out and about. loved it. here are a few pics we took while there and before heading to our cruise ship. hope you enjoy and will get more posted of our adventure as I get them developed. but if you haven't vacationed to N.O you should make it your stop at least a day or 2. you will love it as well.

We also had to stop and enjoy some Beignets our 1st morning there, really yummy! will post the recipe soon for those who want it.  more pic coming soon. Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy my pictures of our vacation.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hair Bows

Once again I'm sitting here looking at things and how to recreate something from recycled stuff, and as I have used dryer sheets for other things like crafting with it, here is another one to add to the list, not only do they make your shoes smell good, or make odors dissapear in bags and purses, or in the sock drawers, they make cute crafts as well here is my hair bow made from 1 sheet, folded and cut the ends and wrap a piece of scrap material in the middle, add your hair pin backing of your choice and here is what you will get, add a cute heart bow and voila your bow is complete. many ways of creating these for your outfits.

fast and easy to create. and something you already have around the house.  I make bows from duct tape as well and will get that one posted soon. more crafts coming soon.Enjoy!
Do not copy without permission. If you share these instructions, please give credit where it is due.Thank You

Thursday, April 7, 2011


In my spare time when kids are at school or at night when they sleep, i like going outside and spend time with our dogs(chow chows) I love watching them run and play with eachother, and just act like kids theirselves. nothing puts a smile on my face than just sitting back and watching them play, I enjoy loving on them and petting them, suvh furry babies they are. they are always glad to see you and want to give furry kisses, so I thought I would share some of my furry babies with you here, I hope you enjoy and these are just a few of them. most of our dogs are show dogs and go to shows on the weekends. and made cahampions by the age of 1 which is remarkble, theyare all very layed back and very tamed as they have to be, not only because of us having kids around but because of them being in dog shows. gotta love them! top pic is mom and daughter, daughter is the cream chow red is mommy, and on bottom is puppy from another litter we had,  Enjoy!!

Pool Noodle Fun

Well another day out and about and of course on my usual outing , I decided I needed something from my favorite store, the 99cent store of you can never go wrong when shopping there, you can always find something to be crafty with, or maybe your looking to decorate your home in a cheap but descent way.  or maybe you just want to find some goodies to enjoy a picnic with the kids at the park,and if you have kids like I do that always want to either buy something, or get crafty or just spend time together, then this will do it for you, I found this cute pool noodle toy at the 99 cent store and well as I'm walking around I get these idea's of craty something with it, so I buy it and this is what I made from cutting the end off of the pool  noodle, you can give itas a mothers day gift, give it to a teacher for appreciation day, or keep for yourself. but we like to make and give, so this will be going to a teacher. so don't pass those pool noodle toys up, get creating and have fun being creative!!!!!