Friday, October 15, 2010

Mini Scrapbook

As I sit during the day, looking around at some of the things I have that might be of use and not of use, I look at some discount cards that was in our pile of mail, as I look at it and think of what I could use it for, my mind goes into creativity mode and I make this cute little scrapbook, there's other ways of making mini scrapbooks, using cardboard from cereal boxes, plain cardstock or any kind of box you have or might be able to get your hands on. well these discount cards were expired and I didn't want to throw them away, so this is what I made, covering them front abd back with some scrapbook paper scraps that was given to me, I then decided to use my crop a dile to punch holes on one side and once my inside papers were cut down to fit inside, I then found some cute ribbon to run through the holes and make a bow and use some stickers that my daughter was given to add "Girl Power" to the front and voila, how cute. great for notes, photo's and more, you can add pages if you like, this one has 6 sheets. will add more. so don't throw away those useless discount cards you get in the mail for office max,home depot, use them for making gifts for family members for holidays. plastic cards will work as well, just need to file off the numbers and decorate as is or cover. have fun and enjoy!

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